'Round and 'round and 'round it goes...

...always running on my toes...


-Always the same, everyday-

The clock strikes 6 am and there I go,

like there is a marathon to win.

And when it hits 10 pm, the bed calls,

and then it all starts again.


The brain is working at 110 % all night long,

still tired when the clock yells.

And when I go to bed again,

I hear a concerned voice asks and tells:


Why do you do this every night?

Why can't you just sleep?

Why all this thinking so late, my mind?

Why don't you let go of worries from the deep?


"I keep on working when I can,

'Cause there is no time at day.

I can't get rid of problems when you want,

'Cause your thoughts are always in my way".



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Cecilia / Cecus

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