Feeling a bit sugar today :3

I would like to travel with the stars under my feet :3

Who does not want to sit in front of the fireplace an afternoon, to look at the sparkling fire. And eat this delicious and warm delicacy, while the snow is hovering slowly in the air outside your window <3


There is only one thing that is more cute than a dazzling star... And that is dazzling sugar which looks like stars :3 No, that is sweet <3


If you were honey I would be the bee...

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silje ch.

02.nov.2010 kl.17:41

fine bilder :3 blei sulten :(

Cecilia / Cecus

02.nov.2010 kl.17:46

Haha :3 Bak deg kringle <3

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Cecilia / Cecus

Cecilia / Cecus

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